Contra dance

Contra dance

Contra dance also is called contradance or contra-dance, this dance refers to some folk dance manners in which couples dance in two facing lines of indefinite length. Contra dancing takes place in groups. A group consists of two lines, with your partner generally across from you in the other line. The group is subdivided into minor groups, which currently consist of two couples.
Contra dances can be found through the world; however they are principally popular in the United States. Contra dance is also referred to as traditional New England folk dance.

Form of a contra dance:


Contra dances are organized in extensive paired lines of couples. A pair of lines is named a set.
The couples of dancers interact primarily with an adjacent couple for each around of the dance. Each sub-group of two interacting couples is known to choreographers as a minor set and to dancers as a foursome.


A principal aspect about the contra dance is that the same dance, one time during which lasts about 30 seconds, is repeated over and over. Each time you dance with new neighbours. This change is produced by progress the 1's down the set and progressing the 2's up.