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Folk dance

Folk dance

Folk dance is a term used to contain a large number of dances. Previous generations inherited us the Folk dance. It can change by the region, religion; race, ethnicity, culture and individual participate. In North America expressions of folk dance reflects dances of the colonial era, and dances from European origins.

Folk dancing is perceived as more of a social activity rather than competitive, even though there are professional and semi-professional folk dance groups, and occasional folk dance competitions.

Forms of folk dance include:

  • Clogging
  • English country dance
  • International folk dance
  • Irish dance
  • Maypole dance
  • Morris dance
  • Nordic polska dance
  • Ball de bastons
  • Austrian folk dance
  • Square dance
  • Sword dance.
  • Ukrainian dance
  • English folk dance

Various choreographed are called Folk dances such as Israeli folk dance, contra dance, modern Western square dance and Scottish country dance, though this is not true in the strictest sense.