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Dance Interview Tips

Dance interview tips

Logic is an important guideline tool you can use when planning for these interview opportunities you are sure to encounter.

Preparing for a Dance Job Interview

When you are applying for a dance job, it is crucial to understand how to prepare for an interview even before you finish filling out the job application. While it is often rare, it is possible for an employer to ask for permission to conduct an on-the-spot interview when you apply for a job position and submit your application. Having prior interview preparation techniques in place will prevent the likelihood of missing out on a winning job opportunity within the dance career field you are seeking.

Here are 5 dance job interview tips that will ensure you are prepared when you need to be:
  1. Practice Answering Job Interview Questions. Common questions asked by employers seeking professionals to fill their dance positions focus mainly on experience and dance skills the applicant possesses. Practice describing in detail your capabilities and information will come naturally to you when you are in the actual interview.
  2. Conduct Research on the Company and Employer. Always conduct research on the company and the employer that is hiring. Having the name of the interviewer can help add some comfort to your actual interview process for the dance position. You can call ahead to find out this information.
  3. Dress for Success. Spend time picking out the right attire for your interview. Make sure that you choose professional clothing that shows your serious nature for the position you are applying for.
  4. Keep Your Nerves in Check. Try to remain calm and collected when you go in for the interview. This can be a challenge but will pay out big in the end.
  5. Display Your Knowledge and Capabilities. While it is not always possible to show your skills for performance when applying for a dance position, there are other ways to display your talents. Display knowledge that you have for the dance career position through confidence in your tone and words you choose to relay your skills to the interviewer.

What to Expect During Your Interview

During your interview for a dance related position you can expect to answer questions related to your specific talents. The interviewer will want to know what skills and experience you have that sets you apart from other job applicants they have met or plan on interviewing. During this process make sure that you allow your passion for the specific position you are applying for to show through.

Use terms and related experience to your benefit whenever possible. If your passions in the world of dance lies in performance, then make sure that you focus your answers around the style of dance you have previously studied or wish to stay involved with.

Winning the Second Interview Seat

Most interviewers will call back applicants for a second interview if they are trying to narrow down the qualified individuals. Leaving the first interview on a positive note is quite important for winning the second interview opportunity. This can be accomplished by leaving a short yet powerful portfolio of your capabilities with the interviewer.

You do not want to make the common mistake others make by stuffing the portfolio, as most interviewers are trying to avoid complicated tasks such as having to research the facts you provide for them. Your passion should always be displayed as this is the common reason most applicants are granted a second interview with the company they are applying to.

Salary Negotiation

Negotiating a salary during an interview can be a tricky part of landing the job. You should have a clear idea of what your skills and talents are worth prior to entering the interview.

You should always be aware of what the company that is hiring is willing to pay the individual they are seeking to hire as this may not always line up with the salary you are anticipating. If you are not able to accept the rate of pay the employer is offering you may want to move on to the next company that is looking for your talents.

How to Land Your Dream Job After the Interview

Many dance job applicants make the mistake of thinking the interview process is completed when they walk out of the interview. This is a big misconception that should be avoided for all job positions within the world of dance. Send a letter of appreciation to the employer or interviewer you meet with.

You can get their name and mailing information by asking for a business card during your interview. Include in your follow up letter a summary of the skills you discussed in your interview and the talents you can bring to the job. Reinforcing that the interviewer recalls the time they spent with you can almost always be a positive factor in landing the job.