Dance moves for prom

Dance moves for prom

There are two types of dance: fast dancing and slow dancing, below are a few tips for each.

Fast dancing:

Fast-dancing is open to much more interpretation.
  1. In fast dancing is important to listen attentively to the beat of the music and try to move to this beat, make sure you can find the beat of a song and keep it for a bit.
  2. If you notice that your friends are doing something different, or that they are doing some steps, trying to copy the movements of those, you will also work fine; it'll rapidly transform into your own interpretation, try to nodding your head or putting your hand in the air.

Slow dancing:

Slow dancing is easier than fast dancing, and perhaps less feared.
  1. The most common slow dance position is the guy to put his hands on the girl's waist, and the girl to put her hands on the boy's shoulders.
  2. Once they are positioned, find the beat of the song again, and begin to dance slowly.
  3. Spin in a very slow circle, like a figure on a music box.