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Dance tips

Dance tips

The follow dance tips will help you improve any style of dancing:

Tips to find a good dance teacher

A good dance instructor is very important; a dance teacher not only teaches new steps and techniques, but also corrects mistakes. If you are new to dance, select your teacher carefully.
Some qualities of a Good Dance instructor:

  • Experience: You need to know: How long has the instructor been teaching? How long has he or she been dancing? If any he or she has a dancing certification.
  • Qualification: Make sure the teacher is qualified to teach several dance styles, such as ballet, tap, modern, hip-hop and jazz; and overall if he or she teaches the style you prefer.
  • Dedication: The teacher is truly dedicated to dance, if she/he was a professional dancer, you can maybe suppose a great deal of pride and dedication for the profession of dance. A dedicated dance instructor will appear excited with the idea to teaching others how to dance.
  • Punctuality: A good dance instructor will try striving to be an example of responsibility, as responsibility is a characteristic of a good dancer.
  • Respect: A good instructor will respect every one of her/his students and pay attention to each student and correct them individually, helping them to progressively build their technique.


If you practice dancing with appropriate posture and body position, your dancing will become more comfortable and successful; because it also improves overall stability and body control. Correct body alignment makes dancers appear more elegant and confident.
The posture is one of the most important things in overall performance that the judges of ballroom dancing competitions consider.


Stretching out before exercising is an important; if you stretch daily you will make your body more flexible.
A big objective in dancing is to make each move look effortless and natural. The more flexible your legs are, the easier it will be to move them. A good routine should be established.

Improve your technique

If you're not using the correct foot positions, or the correct posture it causes stability problems and lead and follow problems as well.
Professional dancers spend their whole careers perfecting their technique. Good technique is what divides the good dancers from the best dancers.

Wear proper shoes

Wear the correct shoes is important because these are carefully structured to protect the legs and feet and to benefit the dancer. Make sure that you are dancing in the proper type of shoe and that the shoes are the correct size.
Each style of dance needs a particular kind of shoe.