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  • What age can a child start to learn dance?
  • In general, most dance schools take students from three years of age onwards. Some studios will take students under this age range however it is dependent on the child and the teacher. Children need to be able to focus and take instruction from the teacher. The three to five year olds class is generally founded on developing motor abilities and sense of musicality.

    Pre-ballet classes are frequently offered to dancers between the ages of 4 and 8. The classes are simple and the children may be encouraged to move to the rhythm of diverse styles of music. In formal ballet preparation should not be introduced until the age of 8. Before then, a child's bones are not strength for the physical demands and exercises of ballet. Nowadays is possible to delay preparation until the age of 10 or 12 and still have a great future in ballet.

  • Which style of dance is best to start with?
  • For the children of three to five year olds the class should include of a mixture of style.
    Classical ballet is the base of most dance styles because the child develops technique and strength. Jazz dancing is quick paced and is generally choreographed to the latest music. It is great for improving co-ordination learning to separate movement in different parts of the body. Tap dancing is excellent for developing co-ordination and musicality. As you child improvements in dance it is best to have them introduce in at least one technical ballet class a week.

  • What to wear?
  • Sometimes the uniform for dance is dependent on the teacher, the studio that you attend, and the level of dance which you are learning. If the studio has not dress code, you should wear something that you feel comfortable and can move freely.

  • What to wear for Ballet
  • This needs leather or canvas ballet shoes, a leotard, (sometimes with a matching skirt) stockings or socks, and hair in a neat bun or pulled back off the face.

  • What to wear for Jazz
  • Before you attend your first jazz class, call the studio and ask about a dress code. Some schools have their own studio uniform. The jazz teacher may need students to wear certain dancewear. Uniforms for jazz are generally more informal with students being able to wear either a leotard or shorts, pants and a top. Jazz shoes are necessary as they protect the foot as well as develop technique. Jazz shoes are similar to ballet slippers, only they have a small heel and also there are jazz sneakers.

  • What to wear for Tap
  • This needs an appropriate pair of hard soled tap shoes with tap plates attached and either a leotard or pants and a top.

  • How do I choose a dance school?
  • Your selection should be based on the style of dance you want to study. It is important that you attend a school where the instructors are qualified and the environment is fun and enjoyable. You should consider if the class has the appropriate flooring, the timetable of the classes you would be attending and if this adequate to your routine.

  • Where do I buy dancewear for my child?
  • All dancewear is accessible at your local dancewear supplier where they have qualified fitting specialist.

  • Should I take private or group classes?
  • Is recommendable to take both, because private lessons will help you with individualized instruction and work on your technique or in any complications you may be having. Private classes are indispensable if you are interested in becoming a serious dancer. The group classes are a good method to practice the steps until they become embedded in your "muscle memory". Group classes offer you the opportunity to training dancing with diversity of partners and to meet new people.