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Dance glossary of terms

Dance glossary

When you start a dance career, you must consider a glossary of dance terms as study tool, because it covers a wide range of concepts and this way you can be more involved in this career. That is why dance glossary is a comprehensive list of specialized terms with their definitions; this dance glossary was compiled using information from other sources and it contains terms and terminology related to dance styles such as jazz, ballet, tap, modern, ballroom, and more. You can solve doubts and expand your knowledge.

The glossary of dance moves are probably the most searched terms either by its abbreviation or the meaning that they represent in the dance field.

This glossary is a great source to know how to type dance terms and Symbols.

Dance move / Dance step Abbreviation
Argentine Tango AT
Ball change B CHG
Behind BHD
Break BRK
Butterfly position BFLY
Cha Cha CH
Chase CHS
Closed turn CL TRN
Cross body lead CBL
Cross in back XIB
Cross in front XIF
Facing FCG
Feather FTHR
Heel turn H TRN
Kick KCK
Open turn OP TRN
Pivot PVT
Reverse REV
Spiral SPR
Touch TCH
Two step TS
Weight WGT
Wrap WRP

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