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Dance glossary - G


Hungary seems to take credit as the birthplace of the Galop. It was an old time dance, often introduced at the Country dances or following a Volte and Contra Danse as a contrast to their slow and somewhat monotonous steps. In 2/4 time, it was a springy step with a glissade and a chasse.

A "hooking" action of one leg around another.

Gold level       
The third complete level of the American Medalist System, representing advanced patterns and concepts. Gold is not a level associated with social dancing.

A series of four steps, arranged in the following sequence: forward, side, back, side. The sequence may begin with any one of the four steps, and can repeat for any number of counts.

A turn.

A smooth, traveling step that glides along the ground.

Gumboot Dance
The slave laborers in the gold mines of South Africa developed their own language by slapping their gumboots and rattling their ankle chains. In time it has developed into a truly unique dance form.