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Dance glossary - H


Handhold is an element of dance connection: it is a way the partners hold each other by hands.

Heel lead
Landing on the heel of the foot in motion during a step before putting weight on the remainder of the foot. As in normal walking, much of the swing of the foot is accomplished with its midpart closest to the floor, emphasis shifting to the heel only as the final placement is neared.

Heel pull         
A type of Heel Turn where the moving foot is "pulled" back and to the side of the supporting foot, slightly apart. The footwork of the moving foot is as follows: Heel first, then Inside Edge of Foot, then Whole Foot.

Heel turn         
A turn taken with the weight over the heel of the supporting foot. The movement commences with back step (Toe-Heel). The turn begins when the free foot closes to the supporting foot, being held parallel throughout the turn. The weight then transfers to the closing foot at the end of the turn.

An action in which progression is temporarily suspended or checked, the weight being held on the supporting foot for one or more beats.

Hip motion      
Any movement of the hips, either independently of the torso and spine (such as Latin hip motion), or in unison with the torso and spine (such as is the case in the smooth/swinging dances).

Hip twist         
Any twisting action of the hips around the spine.