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Dance glossary - J


Jazz Run
A jazz run is a running jazz walk that requires grace and balance to make it look natural.

Jazz Square
A jazz square is a smooth, sassy, four-step movement in which a dancer steps out on the right leg, steps back with the left leg, crosses over with the right leg, and steps forward with the left leg. Together the moves create a full square.

Jazz Walk
A jazz walk is a low walk where the knees are bent and the shoulders and arms are curved in opposite directions while walking forward.

A throwing step. A jete is a jump from one foot to the other, while performing a throwing motion with the leg.

The International version of Swing. In spite of its fast tempo, Jive is still danced in triple-rhythm.


An older style of Swing danced in single-rhythm, to very fast big band jazz music of the thirties and forties.