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Dance glossary - O


Open position
Open position is any dance position in couple dances, in which the partners stand apart in contrast to closed position. They may face inwards or outwards, and hold one or both hands or stand independently.

One Step
A dance that consisted entirely of chasses without any change in rhythm. It was danced to the popular music of the period encompassing World War I.

Open Break    
Break or Rock Step taken in Open-Facing position, often with partners moving in opposition.

Open division
A division of competition which can involve the dancing of variations and/or choreography.

Open figure     
Any figure which involves the continuous passing of the feet, without a closing or chasse action. (also see Continuity).

Open finish      
The last part of a figure which ends with feet passing, such as steps 4-6 of a Foxtrot Open Left Turn (Silver level).

In ballet, an open position of the feet.