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Dance glossary - T


Describes a physical connection, opposite to compression, in which a stress exists at the point(s) of contact directed away from the contact point(s) between partners. People frequently resort to describing the actions as "push" (compression, towards partner) and "pull" (tension, away from partner) to get the idea across.

Three Ts
Technique, Timing, Teamwork. The criteria for evaluation of dance mastery in Swing dancing community.

The relation of the elements of a dance step or dance figure with respect to musical time: bars and beats.

Tights (ballet)
A close-fitting garment covering the dancer's body from waist to feet, worn both in class and on the stage.

Tour en l'air
A turn in the air, executed as the dancer jumps with the body held vertically straight. Males perform single, double or triple tours.

Toe Clicks
Standing on both heels with both toes up, strike the insides of both taps together at the same time.

Toe lead
Landing on the toe of the foot in motion during a step before putting weight on the remainder of the foot.