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Dance clothes

Dance clothes

  1. Dance dresses

  2. Dance clothing changes for different forms of dance, but basic tights and leotards will work for just about any class but many dancers today elect for the ease and comfort of jazz pants.

    • Ballet Dresses
    • Some things you will need:
      • Hair band
      • Ballet shoes
      • Tights
      • Leotard
      • Dance belt
      • Bobby pins
      • Hair spray
      • T-shirt
      • Socks

      If you think to buy ballet clothes you should keep the following in mind: comfort and simplicity; these clothes must permit you to move, stretch easily and they are tight adequate for your teacher to check your body position during certain movements. You have to take into account the opinion of your teacher.

      Women and girls:
      For the women and girls dancers the more simple clothes to wear in class are a leotard and a pair of tights.

      Leotards are offered in different colors and designs, including long sleeved, sleeveless, and short sleeved. Look for leotards which are made using side darts, front and back, to attain a better fit. Tights should fit correctly without being too tight or too baggy.
      Young dancers pleasure in wearing small skirts and tutus over their leotards, but most teachers discourage them in advanced classes.

      Men and boys:
      Some male dancers choose traditional leotards and tights, but with the tights worn on the outside or wear tights with shirts tucked in and dance belt.

    • Clothes for Jazz Dancing
    • The first thing you have to do is ask the instructor or dance director for a list of necessary clothing for your jazz dance classes, because some instructor are very severe about the colors, materials, brands and styles that they accept as dress for jazz in their class.
      The jazz pants are a pull-on form of stretchy pants that adhere to the dancer's body. Wear the jazz pants over a leotard or tight form-fitting top. Jazz pants are often worn in classes of jazz, modern, tap and hip-hop.

      Cover your dance dress with layers of dance leggings, sweaters or wraps. The function of these coverings is to warm up the dancer's body and muscles. It's very important to keep the muscles warm to avoid damages while jazz dancing.

  3. Leotard

  4. If you thing to buy a leotard, the following tips will help you to select the perfect for you:

    • Check with the instructor: Many teachers designate particular color for leotards or prefer a special style. Ask before you buying.
    • Select a style: Today, there are available a diversity of styles, including long-sleeved, sleeveless tanks, short-sleeved, halters and camisoles.
    • The material: Leotards are making in many materials. For example, a blend of washable cotton and lycra presents support with stretch ability.
    • Try it on: When you go to buy you should to try the leotard, it is the best way to get the right fit. Do a few stretches with your arms elevated, noting any gaps in material or slipping of shoulder straps. You have to take in account that your regular clothes size will differ from her dancewear size.