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Jazz shoes

Jazz shoes

Jazz shoes are available in various diverse styles. Here are some tips:

Check with Your Teacher
Teachers often have a predilection for an especial shoe. Some teachers prefer their students to dance in bare or socked feet, while others need a characteristic jazz shoe.

The Material
Jazz shoes are offered in leather or canvas, depending on which is more relaxed for you. The prices for leather are more expensive.
Some jazz shoes come in black or tan leather. The canvas ones are most probable to come in fun colors.

Choose a Style
Wearing the right jazz shoes is very important. Dancers may choose style a diversity of jazz shoes: the jazz sandal, the jazz shoe, the jazz sandal-shoe, the jazz sneaker, or the dancer trainer shoe. Be sure that you are able to flex your feet in the shoes and they have good arch support. Some jazz shoes have half-soles, that mean the shoe is able of bending, permitting for more flexibility. Other jazz shoes have full-sole, these provide extra support, there's always the full-sole to give you more stability and protect your feet.

Make Sure They Fit
Make sure your jazz shoes fit appropriately to avoid foot problems. Try on numerous sizes to make sure the fit is neither to loose nor too tight. Take your time to really make a good selection.

Jazz Shoe Brands
Some companies that make both jazz shoes and jazz sneakers are:
  • Award
  • Bloch
  • Capezio
  • Sansha
  • American Jazz